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Recommended Sites

This is a list of sites of all varieties that I can whole heartedly recommend.

Sites to Further your Knowledge

Sites that will help you to further your knowledge in many and various fields.

The Online Library of Liberty

The Online Library of Liberty is provided in order to encourage the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals by making freely available on the internet the classic texts in the classical liberal and free market traditions (description from OLL site).

The National Library of Australia

The National Library of Australia’s website. Has access to past Australian newspapers and other online resources. A very good place for primary source materials for any historian or student of history.

Personal Places of Mine

Pages on other sites that have content by me, Furgelnod. Some of the content can be found here also.

On DeviantArt

My DeviantArt profile page. DeviantArt is a community of artists from around the world sharing art of many varieties from traditional mediums and digital paintings to computer resource files for themeing.

On Twitter

Twitter, if you don’t already know, is an excellent micro-blogging platform. Feel free to follow me here on twitter. Tweet.

On AlternativeTo

My profile and recommended software on AlternativeTo. More info on AlternativeTo is below.

Software Related

Software that people should know about. Programmes that shall persist. Or at least that I think you should know about. Could come in handy one day.


The GNU Image Manipulation Program is the best free (as in beer & freedom) image editor you’ll ever find. Its good for photomanipulation and variety of other uses, boasting a compatibility with nearly all image file types.


Inkscape is a vector graphics programme that in my opinion is as good if not better than its commercial alternative Adobe Illustrator. It’s rather useful for document layout applications as well, as such is my recommended alternative to MS Publisher.


Free (as in beer and freedom), powerful, and overall brilliant suite of tools for the creation of 3D media.

Mozilla Firefox

A free web browser that is more flexible than the alternatives.

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is just that, a media player. It is however not just any old media player but one that boasts compatibility with just about any media you can find and all in a nice lightweight package.

Project 64

Simply the best Nintendo 64 emulator. You should probably go with 1.6 latter versions are rather buggy.


A very useful tool for editing musical notation.

Ultimate Boot CD

Possibly the best Live CD for restoring Windows and other system installations. Best thing is it’s gratis, I can say how many times this disc has saved me, well actually two to three times, but worked perfectly each time. Any way I thought you should know.

Other Resources


If you want to find good software this is the way to go. Weather you’re looking for alternatives to expensive programmes like Photoshop or for a new game for you’re iPhone you should be able to find something that is decent here, saving you hours of time sent researching elsewhere or testing each product yourself.

Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar is the site for quality community contributed tabliture.


The host that hosts this site they provide excellent, cheap, reliable, and local (for me) service, too. I recommend that you give them a try particularly if your looking for budget Australian hosting.

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