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Six Line A4 Tab Paper

Well here’s something that could be very uninteresting to most people, however life (or at least time) saving to others. I’ve created, using Microsoft Word, pdf / docx files that are lines spaced about 3 mm apart in groups of six for A4 paper. More importantly this gives instrumentalists using six string fretted instruments (i.e. guitars) an easy way to take notes on the songs they are writing or trying to learn. The paper is aimed particularly for six stringed guitar tablature but I’m sure it may have some uses that I haven’t thought of. Without advertising and other random graphic elements my little template hopefully fills what appears to be a gap in availability particularly for A4 size paper. The files contain two pages to assist in duplex printing.

The Files are here below

6 line A4 tab paper (pdf)
6 line A4 tab paper (docx)

Note (2012-11-25) I had accidentally uploaded the wrong pdf, the incorrect file has now been removed and the link updated to the correct file.

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