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Social Buttons Only When a Visitor Wants Them Using jQuery

I haven’t posted in a while so I thought I share the method I’ll be using in future to call social media buttons (Google +1, Twitter, and Facebook Like). I had (and currently still have) the problem that each time a visitor comes to my site that their visit is being tracked by all the social media button vendors in the guise of a feature. By using the magic of HTML5 (data-* attributes) and jQuery I found a solution that should be simple to implement in any new templating system I use. It allows the code for the social media buttons to load only if someone actually wants to share that information, which I feel is a nice compromise between removing them altogether and retaining them as is. The code is posted below.

Update 2013-08-13: I’ve changed the code a little, including a reddit button, using quotes properly and adding IDs to the iframes so they work in current versions of IE when there’s more than one set of these buttons.


JavaScript (social-media-buttons.js)

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