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Tasmania now has a Calendar

So I found my self thinking why can’t there be a simple accurate way to know the public holidays in my state. I found a few around the place but most contained more information than I needed, valentines day, other Christian festivals, et cetera, or had gross inaccuracies, such as new years holiday falling on the first Monday of January. I thought then to myself I’ll take on the task of finding out the public holidays observed in the state and publish on the internet my result.

It turns out that all public holidays in Tasmania are listed in a recent(ish) act of parliament, the Statutory Holidays Act 2000, this is the primary source for my calendar. I found my way to that through the Workplace Standards Tasmania’s site which itself publishes a list of holidays that are observed however in a rather useless textual list (at the time of this post). In any case using these two sources I have compiled my Google calendar (an import of an ics I exported from lightning) of Tasmanian public holidays, you can import it into outlook, sunbird or most any calendar application using the iCal format, XML version, to check the calendar out it is embedded below.

Note that some holidays are observed only in particular municipalities and each item on the calendar list where it is applicable in the event description.

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Download (for importing into non-subscribing software)

iCal version –  XML version

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  1. Thanks for the calendar. Has this been fully updated for 2016? it is missing Launceston Cup race day for tomorrow 23/2/16. (Which I believe is a PH).
    also Easter seem to be missing

    We are new to Tassie and were hoping this calendar would show all major as well as local Public Holidays.

    • Just updated the calendar with dates for this year and next. A bit late I know but better late than never I guess? Future updates should be considerably easier as I wrote a script for calculating all the dates automatically which I’ll post about in the near future.

  2. YAY! Thanks, thanks, thanks! The useless Australian ICS calenndar URL from Microsoft for won’t even load!

    Thanks again.


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